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Ngā Ngohe mā te Whānau

Whānau Activities

Nau mai, haere mai! Try some fun hands-on activities at home.

We take our inspiration for activities from Waitangi’s unique natural beauty, culture and history, and the special taonga (treasures) found at Waitangi Treaty Grounds.

Whānau activites

brighten your night

Capture the light to brighten your night

Did you know that people say you can sometimes see nine of the stars making up the Matariki cluster?

Memories in a bottle

Memories in a bottle

In a previous post, which looked at the arrival of Marion du Fresne to the Bay of Islands, we mentioned that his crew are said to have buried a bottle containing a declaration of possession. Make your own today!

Māori Star Compass

Te Kāpehu Whētu – Māori Star Compass

As part of Matariki activities, children explored early Polynesian navigation and Te Kāpehu Whetū – the Māori Star Compass. The waka (canoe) in the open ocean uses the horizon as a compass, the 360 degrees around it divided into quarters named after the four winds.

Digital Jigsaw Puzzles

Digital Jigsaw Puzzles

Take a moment or two to relax and enjoy our online jigsaw puzzles of unique taonga found at Waitangi. You can select your difficulty (the number of pieces) once it has opened. Time yourselves for a whānau challenge! Come back to find new ones.