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Histories go Digital Workshop - Enhancing Teaching and Enriching Learning

This workshop integrates ANZH and Digital Technology learning by exploring digital tools which teachers can apply to their own unique learning contexts. Whether teaching about Te Tiriti o Waitangi, New Zealand's involvement in World Wars, or local historical contexts from your rohe,  approaches from these workshops can be seamlessly integrated into lesson plans, enriching teaching practice and enhancing student learning.

Enhancing and supporting ANZH

During the workshop, teachers will explore how digital technology can enhance and support the new Aotearoa New Zealand Histories curriculum content. Digital tools bring history to life, enabling students to explore, connect, and engage with the past in ways that were previously unimaginable.

Effective use of digital technology fosters collaboration and empowers students to become active participants in their learning. Through online platforms and interactive applications, students can collaborate on projects, analyse primary sources, and create digital artefacts that showcase their understanding of New Zealand's history.

Rich learning experiences

The focus of these workshops is to upskill teachers, assisting them to develop the confidence and skills required to deliver rich digital learning experiences across the New Zealand curriculum. When  teachers are familiar with a range of digital tools and know how to incorporate them effectively into their learning programmes, they can inspire our future generations to become creators not just consumers of digital content.

As educators, we have a responsibility to prepare our students for a future that is increasingly digital and interconnected. By leveraging digital technology, we can ignite a passion for learning and equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to actively engage with our histories for them to be ready for the future.

Histories go Digital workshop dates: 11 March, 10 June, 12 August, and 14 October 2024

*Available on request

Cost: $179

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