Memories in a bottle

May 12, 2020

Header Image: Memories & Art from lockdown

The French reportedly named this land France Australe but this ‘message in a bottle’ has never been found and it sparked an idea for an activity today…

‘Memories in a Bottle’ Activity

As you know it has been a strange time in New Zealand with restrictions in place to combat COVID-19 and this week we will be moving out of lockdown. It might not be a declaration of possession but is there anything you would like to ‘bury’ as a reminder of your experiences? If yes, why not make your own memory bottle or jar like our team member Liz did with her tamariki (see image above).

All you need is a bottle and something to put inside. You could fill it with notes of what you or your whānau did in lockdown, perhaps  it’s some artwork, something you liked/disliked or everyone writes a favourite memory – whatever you like! Once done you can even decorate it and put it away somewhere safe, in a box or at the back of the wardrobe. One day you (or someone else!) will find it and look back at what  life was like for your whānau during this significant period of NZ history.

Don’t forget to send us some photos of your creations.

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