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Waitangi New Digital Lab Unveiled

September 21, 2023

The programme delivers innovative digital technologies to students with limited access to new learning opportunities, while increasing access to national and local exhibitions and collections. Throughout the programme, students solve real-world problems, while enriching their knowledge of their communities and regions.

No single programme will be identical with each class having a bespoke programme plan designed for their learners. This ensures the needs of learners are met and provides support to each learner as they develop digital fluency skills in a cross-curricular approach. This includes building students’ understandings of computational thinking, digital citizenship, and literacy.

Waitangi Treaty Grounds CEO Greg McManus says “this is an amazing opportunity for students in the Far North to access state of the art learning opportunities that most schools could only dream of. We are very proud that Te Papa has chosen Waitangi as the first venue outside of Wellington to introduce the programme.”

The first week of the programme has been well received by schools.

Deputy Principal of Ohaeawai School, Alicia Craig, said it was an amazing experience that is in line with the school’s vision ‘learn, create, share’. “It’s a great opportunity for the students to be exposed to different digital technologies that they wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to use.”

The programme is fully funded by the Ministry of Education and provided at no cost to schools. The costs covered include Teacher Release Days, transport to and from Waitangi, and use of all technology available.

Waitangi Treaty Grounds has a contract with Te Papa to run the digital lab for two years. The contract includes a full time teacher’s salary for an educator based at Waitangi fully dedicated to the lab.