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Enlightenment and a spot of cricket

September 21, 2023

Header Image: Imagining the events of the past - looking across to the town of Russell (Kororāreka) where the Northern War began in March 1845

In between enlightenment about our history, this group of young boys enjoyed the view, some sunshine and a spot of cricket.

Their learning focus; what happened in and around our local area after Te Tiriti/The Treaty was signed. Looking across the water to Russell (Kororāreka) brings to life the significant events which lead to the Northern War in March, 1845. The stories told in Te Kōngahu Museum of Waitangi and Te Rau Aroha museum weave together to create an enriched understanding with multiple perspectives of our history. Students have the opportunity to utilise critical thinking, opening up honest reflections about our past; they realise their own role in contributing to our shared future as a nation as well as their own personal futures.

As part of their Social Studies Curriculum, Whangārei Boys’ High visit Waitangi Treaty Grounds every year as their teachers really see the value in bringing students here to engage with Waitangi - the place, and Waitangi - the Treaty.  Thank you to all the awesome teachers, students and whānau who came along each day over the week; our education team appreciated the time with you and look forward to seeing you next year!  

Learn about the Northern War 1845-1846