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Learning through digital technologies

September 21, 2023

Header Image: 3D objects created using TinkerCAD and SculptGL, 2D artwork designed with Paint3D while a green screen is used to transport students into their space scenes

They created rockets, other 3D objects and 2D artwork, with all cosmic creations put together to form a virtual galactic world.

2D artwork designed with Paint3D; a green screen is used to transport students into scenes and the VR world made with Google Tilt Brush

Students also learnt about Matariki and how navigators like Kupe used the Matariki cluster to guide their way.  The Milky Way galaxy is known to Māori as Te Ikaroa – the name of Kaikohe West School’s newly-formed galaxy is yet to be revealed.

The Raranga Matihiko/Weaving Digital Futures programme teaches digital technologies through culturally relevant context and in a cross curricular approach.  Students bring their own stories and topics when they participate in the onsite programme and are inspired by museum taonga and local knowledge to use digital technologies to share learning and stories in creative and meaningful ways.

Check out Raranga Matihiko’s hands-on digital learning resources to support teachers and students in using digital technologies.