Taonga Tākaro Tākoha Summer Holiday Programme 2020

bags x 4
Kete were a type of bag or basket important for carrying and storing food in earlier times. Traditionally woven from flax, grasses, reeds and bark, we created our own funky kete from recycled coffee sacks!

Many local and international families enjoyed our programme themed around Māori treasures, games and gifts of the past, re-imagined with a contemporary twist. Through fun practical activities, families learnt about some of the art, culture and traditions of old and the significance of them in Māori culture. They incorporated their own ideas, styles and materials to design unique versions of some of these taonga.

We love seeing families proudly wear or display their creations. While we plan daily activities, we are always impressed by the different ideas that evolve each day!  Thank you to all the families that brought along their children and grandchildren to take part. 

Summer Holiday Programme - Waitangi
Heru (decorative combs) were popular creations with a modern twist