Our Māori Placenames - explore the rich stories

Hobsons beach
Te Ana o Maikuku (also known today as Hobson Beach) is a significant ancestral site for local iwi and hapū and the perfect spot to share stories with students as they picture people and events of the past

We look forward to safely hosting groups once we get the all-clear! Spring is a glorious time to soak up Waitangi’s unique beauty, culture and history and to relax at spots like Te Ana o Maikuku (Maikuku’s Cave), which tells an important ancestral story for local Māori. Sharing these stories in the place they happened is powerful. Download our Inquiry Unit: Stories of our Māori Placenames and discover the significance of your placenames, past and present.

The language and history of our placenames creates striking snapshots of Aotearoa New Zealand’s history. Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori 2021, Māori Language Week, runs from September 13-19,  a perfect time to explore the importance of tapa whenua (naming places) in Māori culture to record stories of important ancestors and events and to describe places. The unit also develops understanding and use of te reo Māori.

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