Hands-on learning and local stories

hobsons opua (2)
At Te Ana o Maikuku (also known as Hobson Beach) listening to stories in the very place where they happened

Our neighbours from just around the bay visited recently; they could have just about paddled here! Opua School Year 2 students enjoyed a morning of fun hands-on learning and local stories. Opua’s basin and wharf are situated at the junction of the Veronica Channel, Waikare Inlet and Kawakawa River – traditionally an important network of waters for waka to travel on; the waka here at  Waitangi were a big focus for this group during their Education Experience.


Opua School Visits Waitangi - Hands-On Learning - Waitangi
Hee! Hah! Hee! Hah! Te waka, te waka! Students experience hands-on learning at the waka area


Opua School Visits Waitangi - Hands-On Learning - Waitangi
Students guess how many paddlers it takes to move Ngātokimatawhaorua, world’s largest ceremonial waka taua (war canoe)


Thank you to the teachers, students and whānau of Opua School who came along on the visit – we had a great time with you. Maybe next time you can paddle around to visit Waitangi!

9/11/2020  Imogen Rider