Ngā Kiri Kapia - The Gum Diggers

gum with map (2)
This kauri gum donated by Te Ahu Heritage Museum, Kaitaia, represents the service and sacrifice of all who have paid the price of citizenship in times of war

Kauri gum has special significance for A Company, 28 (Māori) Battalion, nicknamed ‘ngā Kiri Kapia’ (the Gum Diggers). Many people in the North used to make a living digging up and selling the solidified resin from kauri trees. Te Rau Aroha museum commemorates the 720 ‘Gum Diggers’ who served with the A company in World War II, giving a glimpse of the wartime lives and experiences of these men.

This is an ongoing project undertaken by the descendants of the A Company and proudly supported by the Waitangi National Trust. Inside Te Rau Aroha museum is a dedicated space where students can explore and engage with the stories, taonga, memories and information that have been generously shared by A Company whānau.

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21/10/2020  Imogen Rider