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New Museum for Waitangi

06 March 2014

New Museum for Waitangi

Artist’s impression of the proposed museum at the Waitangi Treaty Grounds

The Minister of Internal Affairs today announced a grant of $5.75 million from the Lottery Grants Board’s Significant Project Fund to the Waitangi National Trust towards the development of a new museum and education centre at the Waitangi Treaty Grounds.

The Museum of Waitangi is the cornerstone project of a major programme of development at the Treaty Grounds aimed at enhancing the visitor experience at New Zealand’s most important historic site. The total cost of the museum is $9.4 million while the whole redevelopment project is expected to cost around $12.5 million.

“We are absolutely delighted with the announcement of this grant. It demonstrates a real confidence on the part of government in the work of the Trust,” says Trust CEO Greg McManus. “Waitangi is Aotearoa New Zealand’s most important historic site and the Trust is committed to ensuring Waitangi’s history is accessible to future generations of New Zealanders and visitors to our country.”

“The new museum will enable us to tell the stories of Waitangi and the origins of our nation in much greater depth, with high quality exhibition and learning spaces and utilising a wider range of media than is currently possible. The new facility will provide a state of the art, secure, climate controlled environment to house significant taonga associated with Waitangi that are currently scattered throughout New Zealand.”

The museum will also enable the wider story of Maori-European contact and the ongoing development of New Zealand as a nation to be told in much more depth than is currently possible.

The new museum will be an important addition to the visitor sector in the Bay of Islands, says Mr McManus. “It is the Trust’s vision that Waitangi becomes a first choice destination for both New Zealanders and international visitors alike. In that way Waitangi can contribute to the economic development of the region by encouraging visitors to stay longer.”

It is hoped the new museum will be complete by Waitangi Day (6th February) 2016

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