‘Our Matariki’ Holiday Programme snapshots

A big thank you to everyone who came along to our Matariki programme. Over the week, about 150 children and their families joined us to learn about Matariki and enjoy fun activities, games and stories. It was great to meet so many lovely tamariki and their whānau, both local and from all over New Zealand!  Matariki is a family time and we love seeing families get creative together, play traditional games with new friends or just chill out in our relaxed space during a busy visit to Waitangi. We captured some moments to share.

Sharing stories

  Matariki was traditionally a time to share stories and pass them on for the future; storytelling is still an important part of celebrations today.


Fun telling our stories with native bird puppets


New skills 

This lovely trio learnt how to weave a challenging paper star; the colder months of Matariki were a time to learn new skills such as weaving.


This superstar mastered the star weaving and created a Matariki cluster wall-hanging. She shared her new skills to help others learn.


Plan the pātaka

Pātaka were storehouses to keep food safe. Matariki was after the harvest with pātaka full and new crops planned. Our mini-cress gardens were fun to plant!


Game’s on

Games (tākaro) are a great way to connect, which is what Matariki is all about; this is a modern version of Mū Tōrere, a traditional Māori game.


 Matariki Programme NZ - WaitangiStrategic pointers from Jim, one of our local regulars who brought along his grandchildren most days; while seemingly simple, Mū Tōrere develops problem-solving skills and abstract thinking.


A big thank you once again from our education team to all the lovely families who brought their children along to join in the fun. Our next Holiday Programme is the 5th-9th October, so keep an eye out for details! Have a great Term 3!

20/7/2020 IR