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Ngā Hau Ngākau


Paintings, intricately carved taonga puoro and beautiful music are woven together to form Ngā Hau Ngākau (Breath of Mine) which opens at Te Kōngahu Museum of Waitangi Exhibition Gallery on 11 December.

A collaborative installation between painter Robin Slow, master-carver Brian Flintoff and musician Bob Bickerton, this exhibition presents paintings, carvings and sound to explore narratives of Te Ao Māori through rich and evocative imagery and other-worldly soundscapes.  Ideas born of harmony, memory and storytelling are supported through waiata sung by Ariana Tikao and Holly Weir-Tikao with accompaniment on taonga puoro played by Solomon Rahui, Bob Bickerton and the vocalists. A video produced by Bob Bickerton, to which the soundscape is played, explores in further detail the stories behind the wonderful imagery.

Ngā Hau Ngākau is an exhibition that evokes the form of the Whare Whakairo (carved meeting house) and this whare is dedicated to manu (birds), treasured in Māori mythology as messengers that connect the physical and the spiritual realms. And so it is with this exhibition where paintings, carvings and sound weave together to bind the past to the present and then to the future, to bind the physical to the spiritual.