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The Waitangi National Trust Board and Board Members

The Waitangi Treaty Grounds is part of an estate that comprises 506 hectares. The Waitangi National Trust was set up by Act of Parliament to administer the estate. It’s Deed of Trust, drawn up in 1932, set out the objectives for the Trust Board and the Treaty Grounds. These included priority being given to the repair and restoration of the former Residency which, at Lord Bledisloe’s request, was renamed the Treaty House. The Board continues to be made up of descendants and representatives of people directly associated with this historic site. The incumbent Governor-General has the right to choose to be Patron of the Trust.

In 2016 the Trust Board established a wholly-owned subsidiary, Waitangi Limited, to manage the day to day operations of the Treaty Grounds and wider estate. Waitangi Limited is governed by a Chairman and directors and managed by the Chief Executive, on behalf of the Trust Board.

Waitangi National Trust Board

Pita Tipene SMALL
Mr Pita Tipene (2016)
A member of the family of Maihi Kawiti
A representative of the Māori people living in the North Island south of the City of Auckland
Sir Don McKinnon SMALL
Sir Don McKinnon (2010)
A person prominent in the life of the country as a statesman
Dennis McBrearty SMALL
Mr Dennis McBrearty (2013)
A representative of the Pākeha residents of the Bay of Islands district
Kate Wilkinson SMALL
Hon Kate Wilkinson (2014)
A representative of the people, Pākeha and Māori, living in the South Island
Peeni Henare SMALL
Hon Peeni Henare (2015)
A representative of the Māori people living in the North Auckland Peninsula
Jane Fletcher SMALL
Ms Jane Fletcher (2016)
A member of the family of the late Archdeacon Henry Williams
Mita Harris SMALL
Mr Mita Harris (2016)
A member of the family of Tamati Waka Nene
Wiremu Puriri SMALL
Mr Wiremu Puriri (2016)
A member of the family of Hone Heke
Tania Simpson SMALL
Mrs Tania Simpson (2017)
Deputy Chair
A member of the family of Pomare
Hugh Cotterill SMALL
Mr Hugh Cotterill (2017)
A representative of the family of the late James Busby
Mr Rino Tirikatene (2018)
Appointed by the Prime Minister to represent the Government
Shane Reti SMALL
Dr Shane Reti (2018)
Appointed by the Leader of the Opposition, following consultation with the leader of each party that is not in Government or in coalition with the Government
D Dunsheath IMG_3840 (3) WNTB
Mr David Dunsheath (2018)
A representative of the family of the late Edward Gibbon Wakefield

Waitangi Limited Board of Directors

Eru Lyndon SMALL
Mr Eru Lyndon
Acting Chair
RICK new
Mr Rick Palmer
Craig Wells SMALL
Mr Craig Wells

Waitangi Treaty Grounds Executive Staff

Mr Greg McManus
Mrs Anita Woodfield
Corporate Services Manager
Mrs Monika Kern
Education Manager
Mr Mori Rapana
Cultural Manager
Mr Craig Jacobs
Facilities & Safety Manager
Miss Caitlin Timmer-Arends
Curatorial Manager
Mrs Natalie Jarufe
Marketing Manager